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Press Release

Adam Fishman

For Immediate Release


This Leading E-commerce Software has been Sold Only as an ASP Solution Until Now

SAN FRANCISCO - January 7, 2003 - NetStores, one of the worlds first E-commerce Application Service Providers (ASP), developed by Fishbone Communications, Inc. in 1995, announces the Beta Test Program for NetStores E-commerce Solution developed to run on the new Apple Computer's Mac OS X Xserve, at the Macworld Exhibition today.

NetStores' highly customizable, easy to use, simple to maintain e-commerce software has only been offered through NetStores' ASP Solution until now.  “Apple's operating system is built on a highly secure, robust UNIX platform with the beautiful ease of use of a Mac,” says Adam Fishman, president of NetStores, “We're easy to use; Mac's are easy to use.  It's a perfect fit.”

NetStores is looking for hosting Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and developers interested in hosting this premium e-commerce solution on their own Mac OS X Xserve.  NetStores' software application will have the same features as the ASP version that made it the choice for thousands of merchants.  As always, the NetStores E-commerce Solution hosted on either the Xserve or by NetStores is easy to use and simple to maintain.

“It makes setting up a shopping cart easy. I don't have to write any code. I just grab the shopping cart icon and place it on my page, select the SKU number and it's good to go,” says Randy Collier of about NetStores E-commerce extension on Adobe GoLive for Macintosh.

The NetStores E-commerce Solution includes extensions that allow drag and drop e-commerce for easily customized e-commerce web-sties.  NetStores developed extensions for the most popular web designer tools like Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Adobe's GoLive, and Microsoft's FrontPage.  The NetStores E-Commerce Solution is the only E-Commerce Solution bundled with Macromedia's Dreamweaver.

“If you love designing web-pages with Dreamweaver or you love designing web-pages with Adobe GoLive,” says Fishman, “then you'll love using our solution.”

Specific information about becoming a Partner in NetStores Beta Test Program should contact NetStores via e-mail at:

About NetStores®

In 1995, Fishbone Communications launched an E-commerce Application Service known as NetStores, a worldwide point-of-sale solution that can be added to any web-site and one of the world's first E-commerce Application Service Providers (ASPs) on the World Wide Web. With its ease of use, simple integration, and highly customizable features, it has become a favorite among web professionals, merchants, and web-site builders throughout the world.  The NetStores E-Commerce Solution is user-friendly so individuals or company with no computer programming knowledge can use the software successfully.  NetStores provides the service, support, and the training.

NetStores' E-commerce Solution, which hosting ISP's and developer's involved in the Beta Test Program will host on their own Mac OS X Xserve will offer the same praised features of the E-commerce solution: ease of use, simple integration, customization, support and training.

NetStores affords an easy way for merchants to set up online storefronts: software, walkthroughs, integrated courseware, and comprehensive customer support are all facets of NetStores' holding-the-customers-hands approach.

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