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Press Release

For Immediate Release ,December 9, 2003

Media Contact:
Adam Fishman
Fax (541) 345-1257


NetStores E-Commerce Solution Now Contains UPS OnLine Tools

UPS Online® Tools highlights the new MacCommerce™ Designer and MacCommerce™ Server products for Mac® OS X

EUGENE, OREGON — NetStores®, a long-time provider of comprehensive e-commerce solutions and a designated UPS Product Provider, announced today that it is providing the first Macintosh® e-commerce solution to feature UPS OnLine® Tools. By integrating UPS OnLine® Tools into its MacCommerce™ Designer and MacCommerce™ Server products, NetStores® gives users quick, real-time access to UPS shipping rates and tracking information.

“Integrating UPS OnLine® Tools into our products illustrates how the NetStores® E-Commerce Solution continues to provide innovative technology to users,” says Adam Fishman, NetStores® president. “And NetStores® products have been running on the same platform as OS X — BSD Unix — since 1995. Now that Macs have migrated to the same Unix platform, we feel it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

MacCommerce™ Server allows businesses or hosting providers to host one or several storefronts on their own OS X server. MacCommerce™ Designer allows designers to experience the full functionality of the server product on their own local computer or hosted OS X computer. “NetStores® is secure and easy to use, Macs are secure and easy to use, “says Fishman. “I love Macs!”

E-Commerce for Designers

All NetStores® products were developed with the designer in mind. Drag-and-drop tools make it easy for designers to add a shopping cart to any static or dynamically built website without any programming required. The tools are designed to work seamlessly as extensions for the most popular web design applications, including Macromedia® Dreamweaver®, Adobe® GoLive® and Microsoft® FrontPage®.

With a merchant interface that is highly customizable and easy to use and maintain, NetStores® products have a rich feature set that gives designers the control they demand, sellers the power and security they need and buyers the flexibility they want. The new MacCommerce™ products also feature dynamic templates that contribute to the products’ ease of use and design control.

The NetStores® solution includes a full range of options to get any business up and selling online quickly, including a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server, merchant accounts and access to credit card gateways. NetStores® value-added custom configuration integration services enable businesses to take full advantage of the software’s powerful features to match the look and feel of their website while accomplishing specific back-end e-commerce needs. All products are backed by NetStores® superior training and support.

The new MacCommerce™ Designer and MacCommerce™ Server products are set to debut in January at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco.

About NetStores

NetStores has been helping businesses succeed with their e-commerce visions since 1995. Superior customer service and personalized support are hallmarks of NetStores.Virtual hosted, co-location and customization solutions are available. MacCommerce Designer, MacCommerce Server, MacCommerce Tools and NetStores are products of Fishbone Communications, Inc., located at 1462 W. 8th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402.

To learn more about NetStores and MacCommerce e-commerce products, visit and

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