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Press Release

For Immediate Release January 6, 1997

Cynthia Orlando
Outword Communications

Fishbone Communications Inc. Receives Merchant Development Partnership With Cybercash, Inc. --The Secure Internet Payment System

NetStores, owned by Fishbone Communications Inc. of Eugene, Oregon, has become a Merchant Development Partner with CyberCash, Inc., of Redwood City, California.

Adam Fishman, C.E.O. at NetStores, says he is "confident and optimistic" that NetStores new status as a Merchant Development Partner will enhance its already strong image as a leader in the field of internet commerce. The Internet commerce industry is expected to reach $40 billion by the year 2000.

The Merchant Development Partnership with Cybercash gives Fishbone Commuications Inc. and its NetStores Internet Merchant Systems another avenue to keep doing what it does best: provide business owners with all of the services necessary to develop complete Internet commerce solutions. All of NetStores services are cybercash-compatible.

Located in Redwood City, California, CyberCash, Inc., was founded in 1994. CyberCash enables electronic credit card authorizations and electronic commerce and transactions between consumers, merchants and their banks, as well as between individuals. CyberCash relies on its Merchant Development Partners to install, host, and integrate their payment systems with merchants' web shopping applications.

NetStores, founded in 1995, is dedicated to helping merchants and businesses sell their goods and services on the Internet using technologies that guarantee safe and secure transactions.
NetStores provides a variety of practical and effective online services, including: online display of products and services for browsing by the consumer; credit card verification and encryption to keep information secure; and, software sales that are download-able via their web page. NetStores also creates customized online Websites to display and sell products and services.

Shopping online at NetStores is fun and easy. While visiting NetStores, online shoppers can buy customized "Pacific Tides" t-shirts, order a new CD, purchase digital photographs and stock digital imagery online, and even browse and buy the latest in software programs and upgrades.

Under its new Merchant Development arrangement with Cybercash, NetStores is poised for growth. That's because NetStores new Merchant Development Partner status will link thousands of Cybercash customers directly with NetStores complete merchant development services.

For more information about online commerce solutions, including information about online Storefronts, online display of products or services, or other online-related questions , please visit NetStores at, send email to NetStores , or call NetStores at
(541) 345-4322.

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