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UK EU Canadian Merchant Accounts

Now Canadian, UK and EU Merchants can accept credit card orders in Canadian, US, British Sterling or Euro currency with the same account!

For as little as $99.95 we can get you started with your e-commerce venture. We offer internet merchant accounts and gateway connections. This will enable your site to have ICCV (Instant Credit Card Verification) online. We offer them to you at very low cost to bring you the best service possible.


  • Easy to Use Web Terminal
  • Gateway (Optimal)
  • 24 Hour Credit Card Processing
  • Daily Deposits

Monthy Fee $25.00. Per Transaction Rates: 3.00% MasterCard/Visa, .35 cents per transaction.

To Apply for a NON US Merchant Account, please fill out the form below and click the 'Submit' button. This will allow NetStores to keep track of your Merchant Account application status.

Email address:
Phone Number:
Location: Canada Europe Great Britain
Currency: Canadian Dollars Euros Great British Pounds

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