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NEAT - Netstores E-commerce Application Training

NEAT - Netstores E-commerce Application Training

NEAT Teaching Tools

The NetStores E-Commerce Application Training program (NEAT) gives instructors all the tools they need to teach with drag-and-drop shopping cart tools that will allow students to be on the cutting edge of e-commerce.

With the NetStores drag-and-drop shopping cart solution, e-commerce training has never been easier. The NetStores tools allow shopping cart buttons to be added quickly and easily to any new or existing web page. No more valuable classroom time spent teaching complex scripting!

With drag-and-drop shopping cart tools for designers and a storefront that is highly customizable, easy to use and simple to maintain, NetStores products have a rich feature set that gives designers the control they demand, sellers the power they need and buyers the flexibility they want.

The NEAT CD-ROM disc includes software tools that work with leading web design programs (Macromedia® Dreamweaver®, Adobe® Golive® and Microsoft® Frontpage®), along with Quick Start guides, in-depth tutorials and web templates that you can use as course materials. The NetStores NEAT program also provides a special student license valid for one site for the length of the student's academic career. And of course, behind every package is the NetStores guarantee of superior training, support and customer service.

Trust your e-commerce training to NetStores and the NEAT program for just $29.95 per student. (Available in packets of 10.)

Talk to a NetStores representative at 1-888-345-4322, or take a test drive - look at the tutorials and the sample templates , or order your free sample CD right now. View the PDF Sell Sheet.

"You truly have a wonderful product, thank you so much. The tools are great and the templates saved me precious class time."

- Margaret Robinson, Lawson State Community College


  • 10 CD-ROM disc
  • Instructional Printed Materials
Package of 10 NEAT CD's
For more information about our products and pricing, please call us at 1-888-345-4322. You may also fax to 1-541-345-1257 or e-mail us
Download Our FREE Shopping Cart Extensions for:
Download shopping cart extensions for Microsoft® FrontPage® Download shopping cart extensions for Macromedia® Dreamweaver® Download shopping cart extensions for Adobe® GoLive® Download shopping cart extensions for NetObjects Fusion®
FREE Shopping Cart Extensions

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