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Chapter 2: Installing and Using NetStores

Installing NetStores

--> Getting the trial offer software:

  1. Use your Web browser to read the License Agreement and fill out the form at http://www.netstores.com/trial-offer.
  2. Make sure you write down the Trial ID number you are given.
  3. When you receive downloading information by email, download the distribution file(s) for the operating system and platform you selected.

The trial distribution files includes the NetStores Ordering System, NetStores Quoting System, and NetStores Instant Credit modules. Contact NetStores if you need the NetStores EDI Link module or the NetStores Secure Server module.

The trial distribution is not disabled software. You only need to pay for NetStores if you use it to process transactions. See the License Agreement for details.

Once you've downloaded the trial offer files, use the steps that follow to install the software:

--> Installing the NetStores software:

  1. Log into your web server as the root user (or the user account that runs the server).

    You do not need root permission to install the distribution files. However, being the root user simplifies the installation. To install the software as a user other than root, you must have read and write permission to the server's root directory and the dwos and dwos-bin subdirectories, which the installation will create.

    If your user account is unable to write to the server's root directory, you should have the root user grant you write permission to the "dwos" and "dwos-bin" subdirectories with these commands (where server_root is the path to the server's root directory):

        cd server_root
           mkdir dwos dwos-bin
        chown nobody dwos*
  2. Move to the server_root directory. (For example, with NCSA's httpd server this is likely to be the /usr/local/etc/httpd directory. It's the directory that contains the cgi-bin directory and the htdocs directory.) Use a command similar to this:
        cd /usr/local/etc/httpd
  3. Place the distribution file in your server_root directory.
  4. Rename the distribution file with a command like the following. (The filename eval_????.tar.Z is an example. Your filename will contain your Trial ID number.)
        mv eval_????.tar.Z dwos_tar.Z
  5. Expand the distribution file with the following command:
        cat dwos_tar.Z | uncompress | tar xvf -

    The "dwos" and "dwos-bin" directories should be created (if they did not already exist) and populated with a number of files and subdirectories.

  6. Move to the dwos-bin subdirectory with:
        cd dwos-bin
  7. Type the following command to run the setup.sh shell program:
  8. The setup.sh program will prompt you for the following:
    • Your operating system
    • You Web server software (The installation procedure currently supports the NCSA/Apache, Netscape, CERN/IBM, and Spry servers. Contact NetStores if you would like to use NetStores with some other server.)
    • Your server's root directory
    • Your page root directory for the server
    • The user ID that runs your Web server

      Answer the prompts and choose to run the setup routines when you are ready.

  9. If the setup routines could not set the file and group ownership to match the user ID running your Web server, try the following commands where "nobody" matches the user ID that runs your Web server. (You may need to log in as a user with more privileges to do this.)
        chown -R nobody dwos*
        chgrp -R nobody dwos*
  10. Make the dwos-bin directory a ScriptAlias (like cgi-bin) by modifying your configuration file(s). This allows the server to run the programs in the dwos-bin directory as CGI programs.
    • For NCSA servers, modify the srm.conf file.
    • For CERN/IBM servers, modify the httpd.conf file.
    • For Netscape servers, modify the obj.conf file.
  11. If you are running a CERN/IBM server, you need to set and export environment variables for DWOS_BIN (the full path to the dwos-bin directory) and MYDOCROOT (the full path to the page root directory). The commands to define these variables should look similar to this (in most UNIX shells):
        export DWOS_BIN MYDOCROOT
  12. Restart your Web server.
  13. Check your setup by using your Web browser to open this URL:
    You should see a list of all the environment variables your server makes available 
    to CGI programs. If you see a message that says you need to set MYDOCROOT, 
    DWOS_BIN, or a Script Alias for dwos-bin, your settings did not work.
  14. Once these variables are defined correctly, you can run the sample mall from your browser using this URL:

--> Purchasing the NetStores software:

  1. When your mall is ready to accept transactions, you'll need to pay NetStores an initial license fee based on your projected monthly order volume (see the fee schedule in the License Agreement).

    Contact NetStores by calling 888/345-4322 or sending email to sales@netstores.com when you are ready to license NetStores.

NetStores Administrator's Guide

1: About NetStores
2: Installing and Using NetStores

3: Troubleshooting
4: Technical Reference

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