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Chapter 2: Installing and Using NetStores

Setting up your mall

OK, now that you've installed NetStores, you'll want to start configuring your mall &emdash; the parts of your Web site that integrate your stores into a coherent shopping experience.

NetStores's "dwos" program netstoresally generates a "mall front door" with logos and links for all the stores in your mall. The URL for this page is http://www.mydomain.com/dwos-bin/dwos.

This page and a number of other pages in your mall use parameters you will define in the ./dwos/malldata/params.sh file.

Of course, you may also want to customize your mall front with a "map" of the mall and other links. You can do this by creating your own HTML file for the "front door" or by customizing the ./dwos-bin/dwos shell script. (If you choose to customize any shell scripts, remember that the license agreement restricts you from disabling or modifying the "copyrightnotice" and "licreport" shell functions.)

The ./dwos/malldata directory is where you provide information about your mall.

--> To configure your mall:

  1. Edit the ./dwos/malldata/params.sh file and set the following parameters.
  2. Edit the ./dwos-bin/dwos file. Find the lines that set the Mall Banner Message. By default, they look like this:
        Welcome to our presence in <strong>cyberspace<strong>
        where we present $DEMO the <em>future<em> in convenience

    Modify these lines of HTML to suit your own needs. You can provide demonstration storefronts that set the DEMO parameter to add text to this message. (You may customize more of this shell script if you like. However, remember that the license agreement restricts you from disabling the "copyrightnotice" shell function.)

NetStores Administrator's Guide
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2: Installing and Using NetStores
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