NetStores, e-commerce for your web site
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NetStores, e-commerce for your web site
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NetStores, e-commerce for your web site

NetStores – The E-commerce solution for designers has partnered with UPS to offer even more functionality to your storefront. Not only can NetStores be added to your site with drag-and-drop simplicity (no need to learn complicated programming code) now we’ve integrated UPS OnLine® Tools to enable you and your customers to have access to valuable UPS shipping information.


  Improve Customer Service — Correct order errors at the point of entry, offer flexible shipping options and customize your tracking numbers.

Add Web Site Functionality — Digitize your entire shipping procedure and allow your online customers to shop, ship and track from one location.

Increase Time on Your Site — Bring your customers back to your e-commerce site and keep them there by putting the power of online shipping at their fingertips. This may help you increase impulse buying and marketing opportunities.

Reduce Costs — By making your shipping more efficient, you reduce returns, decrease customer support phone calls, and reduce address errors at order entry.

Give Customers Peace of Mind — When your customers see your shipping partner is UPS, they'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business has made accurate and secure shipping a priority.

Empower Buyers —Your customers track their own packages, and compare and select shipping services that best fit their needs and budget, all from your e-commerce Web site.

NetStores, e-commerce for your web site
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