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Chapter 2: Installing and Using NetStores

Creating account and transaction files

NetStores automatically maintains customer files and transaction logs. All you have to do is make sure the files exists and set parameters that let NetStores know which ones you want it to use. By default, a store shares the mall-wide customer files. However, a store can also have a separate customer file.

To open an new customer account, customers can follow the link to http://www.yourdomain.com/dwos-bin/gen-acct. The pages NetStores generates provide links that let new customers open an account in the customer file you specify.

--> To create store-level customer files:

  1. Create zero-length files in the ./dwos/data/store-abbrev directory with the following names. See "Reviewing access logs" for more details about these files.
  2. Create files in the ./dwos/data/store-abbrev directory with the following names and contents:
  3. Define these parameters in ./dwos/data/store-abbrev/params.sh to tell NetStores where to find the customer and transaction files:
  4. Define these parameters in ./dwos/data/store-abbrev/params.sh to control what the form for opening a new customer account looks like:
  5. If your store already has its own customer database, you can generate the cusfil file from your database. The fields in the cusfile are separated by the "|" (pipe) character. The default field order in cusfil is shown below.
    1. Customer number
    2. First name
    3. Initial
    4. Last name
    5. Password
    6. Address-1
    7. Address-2
    8. City
    9. State
    10. Zip code
    11. Country
    12. Home phone
    13. Work phone
    14. Email address
    15. Ship to name
    16. Ship to address-1
    17. Ship to address-2
    1. Ship to city
    2. Ship to state
    3. Ship to zip code
    4. Bill to first name
    5. Bill to initial
    6. Bill to last name
    7. Bill to address-1
    8. Bill to address-2
    9. Bill to city
    10. Bill to state
    11. Bill to zip code
    12. Bill to country
    13. --unused--
    14. --unused--
    15. Price number
    16. Confirmation (none, yes, or fax)
    1. Fax number
    2. Allow alternate ship to? (on=yes)
    3. Address-3
    4. Ship to address-3
    5. Bill to address-3
    6. Tax status (exe=exempt, non=nonexempt)
    7. Taxpayer ID #
    8. IP address
    9. Date and time account opened
    10. Company name

NetStores Administrator's Guide
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2: Installing and Using NetStores
3: Troubleshooting
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