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Chapter 2: Installing and Using NetStores

Enabling the NetStores Instant Credit Module

If you enable the NetStores Instant Credit module so your mall will support CyberCash and credit card authorization, your customers can use either a CyberCash wallet or a credit card to pay for purchases. You get secure credit authorization through CyberCash with either payment method.

If you do not enable NetStores Instant Credit, the credit card information transfer can be secure if you are using a secure server (one that supports SSL) and your customer is also using a browser that supports SSL. However, you do not get instant credit card authorization for the purchase as you would with NetStores Instant Credit.

--> To enable NetStores Instant Credit:

  1. Fill out the CyberCash software license agreement. You can request a copy from CyberCash by calling 415-594-0800.
  2. CyberCash will give you a username and password so you can download the CyberCash SMPS (Secure Merchant Payment Server) software.
  3. Install the CyberCash SMPS software on your Web server. Follow the instructions provided by CyberCash.
  4. When you set up a CyberCash directory for your store, use the same directory name you used for this store in the ./dwos/data directory. (This directory name is called the store-abbrev in this manual.)
  5. Contact your merchant bank representative. (If you don't have the ability to accept credit cards, contact your back and ask for a merchant application.) Explain to your bank that you intend to accept Internet transactions using CyberCash's Secure Internet Payment Service and ask them to order a Terminal ID number.

    If your bank does not support Internet transactions, send email to mailto:bank@cybercash.com so that CyberCash can contact your bank, or visit the CyberCash Web site to read the list of banks that accept Internet transactions.

  6. Your bank will contact CyberCash with your Merchant and Terminal ID numbers. These will be used to identify you as a valid bank merchant.
  7. Test the CyberCash SMPS software (before you create the interface to NetStores) to make sure it can communicate with the CyberCash Gateway. This will help isolate any problems with your CyberCash setup from any problems in the configuration of the interface between NetStores and CyberCash.
  8. In your ./dwos-bin directory, create a link from store-abbrev.payment (where store-abbrev is your NetStores store abbreviation) to dwic.payment.
        ln -s dwic.payment store-abbrev.payment
  9. In your CyberCash directory tree, modify your ./merchants/store-abbrev/etc/payment.conf file so that MERCHANT_PAYTO points to the ./dwos-bin/store-abbrev.payment script you just created as a link.
  10. In the ./dwos/data/store-abbrev/payopt file, add a new line that says "CyberCash Wallet". You can also add lines for the credit cards you want to accept. (CyberCash with also authorize credit card transactions for you.)


For example, suppose your store-abbrev is "abc" and you have the following directories and files:

You would follow these steps to allow this storefront to use CyberCash:

  1. Modify /usr/local/ccm/merchants/abc/etc/payment.conf to contain this line:
  2. Then, create a link with this command:
        ln -s dwic.payment abc.payment
  3. In the ./dwos/data/abc/payopt file, add a line that says "CyberCash Wallet".

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