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Chapter 1: About NetStores

Retrieve orders (gen-srco)

If your customers may want to reorder, you should provide a link to the "gen-srco" interface, which lets customers retrieve an order they have already placed and use it place another order. Customers can change the quantities or add items to the new order.

For an online example of this interface, see http://www.netstores.com/dwos-bin/gen-srco?vcp (use "1" for the account number and "captain" for the password.

[ Procedure ] See "Retrieving orders (and using them to reorder)" for details on setting up the "gen-srco" interface for retrieving orders.

When customers place an order, NetStores always gives them an order number. Later, customers can use the gen-srco interface to retrieve the quote and place an order.

Customers type their account numbers and passwords into the form provided. They can look for a specific quote number, any quotes made on a certain date, or they can search for all the quotes they have received.

NetStores Administrator's Guide

1: About NetStores
2: Installing and Using NetStores

3: Troubleshooting
4: Technical Reference

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