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Chapter 2: Installing and Using NetStores

Creating an interface for configured products

If you sell products that are normally ordered as combinations of several items (for example, a typical computer purchase includes many components and options), you can use NetStores's gen-conf interface. This interface helps customers select an appropriate combination of items.

"Order configured products (gen-conf)" For an online example of this interface, see http://www.netstores.com/dwos-bin/gen-conf?sws5.html+integrix (use "1" for the account number and "captain" for the password. This page helps customers configure a workstation. They can choose things like the CPU speed, monitor size, and whether they want additional options like a floppy drive and cables.

--> To create a configured interface:

  1. First create the item files necessary for the Search interface (gen-srch). See "Setting up the search (gen-srch) interface" for details. NetStores uses the same file structure for the gen-srch and gen-conf interfaces.
  2. Create a HTML file in your ./dwos/data/store-abbrev directory similar to the example provided in the ./dwos/data/integrix/sws5.html file. Use whatever HTML you want to format the page, while following these rules:

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