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Preparing Your Catalog File (itmfil.asc) Spreadsheet or Database div

Here is a sample of how to set up your Database or Spreadsheet.
Product# Price Author Description Category html link Weight Other
NS-120 12.00 Smith New Book Children http://... 2 etc...

Product # must be a unique field (each with a different number) with no spaces.
Price field should NOT have dollar "$" sign or "," commas.

  • Product Page URL is the full link to your product page ie:
  • Include weight field if you want to utilize UPS shipping lookup function.
  • Category can be used to search by type of product. Additional categories can be added.
  • The system only requires Product#, Description and Price so other fields are up to you.
  • Any of the fields for the search engine as well as addtional fields can be added.

The NetStores E-commerce Toolkit
Download Our New NetStores E-commerce Toolkit and simply create a unique item file and database for your store. No need for additional software.

Preparing your OBJECTS for hyper-linking
  • All objects should be placed in a in a field in the database and named with full url ie:
  • All objects are associated to records in itmfil.asc through a file naming convention (keyfield-1.ext where .ext is .jpg, .html, .url, etc). The order form generator hyper-links directly to the discovered object ( objects which are expected to contain the full url to link to:

Preparing Your Catalog Data for use with NetStores

Preparing Your ASCII Catalog File (itmfil.asc)
  • itmfil.asc is a variable length "flat" ASCII file, field separated by '|' and record separated by NL (x0a).
  • All records must conform to the same field layout.
  • The catalog file should (for performance reasons) consist only of fields that will appear in the search form or order form.
  • Each record needs a key (can be combination of fields) to uniquely identify it.
  • Key fields cannot contain any double quotes '"'.
  • All search fields defined in the search form must appear as fields in the itmfil.asc.
  • All fields to appear in the order form must appear as fields in the itmfil.asc and must be mapped to the generators allowable 5 fields (and lengths) to be defined as:
    generic field name Example field map to itmfil.asc
    ------------------------------ -------------------------------
    1) keyfield-1 (required)  field-1 in itmfil.asc
    2) keyfield-2 (required) field-5
    3) description-1 (required)  field-3
    4) description-2 (optional)  field-4
    5) price (required)  field-2
  • Fields may be combined in the itmfil.asc to "extend" the limits of the generator (ie. artist and title my be combined as a single field in the itmfil.asc then mapped to description 1).
  • Fields may appear twice to allow for singular searching and combination printing.
  • Logical booleans can be included in the itmfil.asc as a fixed series of 0's and 1's comprising a single field(ie field #9=00010) and mapping to a series of checkboxes in the search form (in this example 5).

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