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The examples shown below are real shopping carts developed using our software solution, they have been in business with us for over 1 year, all of them 100% successful!

It doesn’t take a visitor to long to figure out that V i X Swimwear is all about form—they design things that look good.

The company sells several lines of designer swimwear to boutiques and high end retail stores around the world. But one only has to order a suit online to also realize that the company also appreciates function—they chose the NetStores e-commerce solution.

Todd Morin, owner of Web-based auto parts store, says he is happy to have come across NetStores by accident in early 2001.

“We started in 2000 on eBay, then began to grow using a Miva Merchant shopping cart,” he says. “The database structure didn’t work, and we were losing data. The checkout process was very slow.” “We were looking into a Java-based menu system for a new site,” he says. “We were close with another company before NetStores owner Adam Fishman called me (looking to buy an eBay product), and the rest is history.”

DigiStock, a stock photo agency that provides high-quality photographs to ad agencies and graphic designers, was able to display images online, but customers still had to do their purchasing the old-fashioned way — by phone. Now, DigiStock’s Royalty-FREE Line of stock images is sold through NetStores.

The highlight of the NetStores e-commerce solution is its flexibility, and the software is easily modified to manage downloadable products as well as shipped items. NetStores even co-locates some of the images, which take up a great deal of disk space, for DigiStock. “Through NetStores, clients can search and locate the images, select from three sizes, and purchase and download the image.

Skills DJ Workshop produces it’s own cutting edge Trance music with their own in house studio via Skills Recordings and sister label Dancing Spirit Recordings. They use NetStores solution to sell a wide variety of merchandise online including: records, mix tapes, cd's, dj gear, dance accessories, and clothing.

Skills Productions has been pumping out quality electronic music events for over five years strong. Whether it be a 300 person party or a 10,000 person massive, Skills guarantees quality world class talent with unbelievable production.


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