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NetStores directory overview

Here is a summary of the overall NetStores directory structure. Click on any linked directory name to see more details about the files and subdirectories in that directory.

This directory contains the NetStores executable files.
The userid "nobody" must be able to read and write to this directory.
The userid "nobody" must be able to read this directory.
This directory is a symbolic link.
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Other directories: malldata, gen-srch store, gen-cat store

SERVER_ROOT (for example: /usr/local/etc/httpd)

  • ./dwos-bin   (contains the NetStores programs)
  • ./dwos
    • malldata   (contains mall-wide information)
    • data   (contains one directory for each store)
  • ./htdocs   (DOCUMENT_ROOT)
    • dwos-docs --> (SERVER_ROOT)/dwos-docs/
    • Store-One  (gen-srch model)
      • images --> SERVER_ROOT/dwos/data/Store-One/images
      • objects --> SERVER_ROOT/dwos/data/Store-One/objects
    • Store-Two   (gen-cat model)
      • images --> SERVER_ROOT/dwos/data/Store-Two/images
      • catalog --> SERVER_ROOT/dwos/data/Store-Two/catalog
    • . . .
    • mallimages --> SERVER_ROOT/dwos/malldata/images