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Chapter 1: About NetStores

What the buyer sees

You can create a variety of storefront interfaces with NetStores.

You can use more than one type of storefront interface for a single business. For example, you might want to use the "Small Catalog" interface to show off your featured specials and the "Search Large Catalog" interface to put your entire catalog on the Web. To do this, you create to separate online "stores"&emdash;one that uses the gen-cat interface and one that uses the gen-srch interface. Then, create a Web page that contains links to both interfaces.

The following sections show an example of each type of storefront and outline the pages sequence your customers will follow. In addition, the sections refer you to instructions for creating each type of interface.

NetStores Administrator's Guide

1: About NetStores
2: Installing and Using NetStores

3: Troubleshooting
4: Technical Reference

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